Scaled Web Engineering. Where libraries and micro-frontends coexist together and tooling is a first-class citizen.

modular is a collection of tools and guidance to enable micro-frontend development at scale. It is derived from work at JP Morgan to enable development in large monorepositories owned by many teams.

It provides a CLI to:

  • Scaffold new micro-frontends and libraries from scratch
  • Provide ready-to-use, opinionated test, lint and build configurations for micro-frontends and libraries
  • Provide tooling to incrementally and selectively run operations on monorepositories at scale


See the compatibility page.

Getting Started

  yarn create modular-react-app my-new-modular-project [--verbose] [--prefer-offline] [--repo]

Bootstraps a new project, configured to use Yarn workspaces.

This also creates a workspace named ‘app’ which is a new modular app written in TypeScript.

It supports three flags:

  • --verbose enables verbose yarn and modular logging.
  • --prefer-offline will prefer locally cached node_modules versions over those from your remote registry.
  • --repo <value> will toggle whether a new git repo is created and the initial files commited.




How to